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How do we quote
How will you pay to move? That’s a pretty common question. Let me stress it. Every move is unique. Every moving company that tells you that every move is the same or they have some sort of standart move pricing is not being truthful with you. Different items, different homes, different regions, different times of the year, all of these can create complications to a standart move price. The fact of the matter is that there are many intangibles that can affect price. For instance: What you have, not every sofa is the same or where you live or where you are going. The time of year, the area of town where you live in and even the interior of your home. Like tight corners or small doorways. All of those things can change the time and potentially the pricing. So, you need to get pricing from us and we find a couple of different ways to have this pricing for you.
What our hourly rates are
An hourly rate is the usual way that we charge for our services. It’s also known as charging by the man-hour. To figure out a man hour you multiply the number of movers by the number of hours it takes them to complete your move. To determine the cost of your move you then multiply the man hours by the hourly rate. Let’s say it takes 4 mover and 4 hours to move your belongings and the hourly rate is ten dollars, you will be charged $160 for your move. It’s that simple. Remember that this rate does not include insurance costs or any other additional fees.
How we offer our consultation
We always ask if our clients have any special items or things over 200lb and we offer the fairest rates possible. Everything has to be done as early as possible, it’s easy to guess. But what lots of people don’t realise is the hassle they go through on the day of the move. That’s why we carefully go through each and every detail to be rest-assured that your move will go smoothly and without any problems, that we don’t miss out on anything, any little details will be accounted for.

What Our Clients Say   About Us
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  • I hired Ecoway Movers to move my parents from BC. They did a wonderful job. They were prompt, professional and quick. They took care with all of our belongings and packed them well for the move. Once at the new apartment, they followed guidance on where to place everything and finished up quickly. The price was very reasonable. I can not be more pleased with the move. I highly recommend GetMovers for local or long distence moves!


  • Booking with this company was fast and easy. The 3 men that moved me were on time and very communicative. They worked well with each other and were very diligent. I had several antique pieces and they wrapped and moved them as if they were their own. I really appreciated this whole experience and if I move again Ecoway Movers will be the first I call. I highly recommend them.

    Anna Aurora

  • Great movers! Just wanted to give a special shout out to Matt, Trevor and George, the guys that did a move for me! We moved this past Thursday and they were on time, friendly, and very professional. They asked to walk them through the new and the old units so they could see where everything would go. It made the process easier. I couldn’t have asked for a better moving team. I will definitely be using Ecoway Movers services in the future. Thank you so much.

    Robin Ajax

  • I was expecting my move to be an all day process. The crew came in the morning, had me packed, moved, and unloaded in my new place by 1 pm. I had large and heavy stuff to move and the movers didn't even flinch. 100% a white glove service! I will definitely be recommending Ecoway Movers to anyone who needs a quality moving service.

    Marlin Brampton

  • I had furniture moved from a 2 bedroom apartment from Whitby to 2 drop off locations in Ottawa. Movers were careful and efficient. The move was promptly scheduled. The manager had walked me through the moving process and the customer support stayed in touch with me throughout the whole moving process. They delivered everything to the new locations without any problems. I had a bad expirience with some of the moving companies before, but Ecoway Movers showed the true professionalism!

    Bill Kingston

  • These folks are a "no-brainer" to have for your move! If you need a trustworthy crew to move your stuff, give them a call. They moved a few pieces of heavy furniture to a 5 stairs walk up in a 6 storey building. Not an easy job. Call them, you won't regret it. The crew moved us from Alberta. Delivered on Tuesday. I was a long distence move so they was a lot of planning involved. They were very responsive to our needs. Highly recommend!!

    Thomas Chilliwack

  • Ecoway Movers are a class act, these guys just made my move so easy. They were flexible when I had to change the move date on short notice and worked with me to get the job done. Amazing communication throughout, friendly movers and a good value for money. The guys making the move were great and did the move quickly for her. Thank you to the team!

    Amelia Cochrane

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